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I'm a bordercollie

Bordercollie puppies looking for a home:
Säde (female) SOLD!
Siiri (female) SOLD!

Date of birth:
Liivapõhja Sarah, a working sheepdog in Jaani farm, Estonia. Owner: Julika Roos
Trentino's Great Meet aka "Swedu", a working sheepdog in Woollandia Ranch and Swedun Paimennuskoulu ( Swedu's herding school), Finland. Owner: Kimmo Klossner

Puppies come with an Estonian Kennel Union registration certificate, an EU passport, micro-chip, with all current shots and deworming and have been vet checked (Cert of Eye Examination, does not show symptoms of PRA, CEA, PLL).

Price: 1000€

Puppies do not necessarily have to become working sheepdogs, though it would be very nice :). We are first and foremost looking for a home where the puppy would be loved and people feel that BC is the right breed for them.
Future owners will be provided with further assistance as well as support when deciding to raise the puppy as a sheepdog (including at least 3 free herding courses in Jaani farm).

Contact information:
Julika Roos mob. +372 5218299 e-mail: julika@jaanitalu.eu
Joel Roos mob. +372 5065705 e-mail: joel@jaanitalu.eu

More photos can be seen here.

Olen bordercollie siin.

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